Evolution Hobbies and Raceway

Weelky Sunday racing has started !
Lower entry fee's for the remaining of the 2018 season !
$10 for the first  entry
$5 for each additional class-same driver
$5 Sportsmans(beginners)

The race season will go as long as weather and turnout permit.


                1036 Meadow Rd. (rt.121)

        Casco Maine


                                                                                                                                                                          Sunday         11-3
                                                                                                  Monday       Closed
                                                                                                  Tuesday       Closed 
                                                                                                  Wednesday  11-6
                                                                                                  Thursday     11-6
                                                                                                  Friday          10-6
                                                                                                  Saturday      10-5

                                                                                                                                                                       Phone (207)627-4407

email:  evolutionhobbies@juno.com


shop website  www.evolutionhobbies.com
                          Visit our Facebook page for current updates                              

Track fee's:
$5   practice -during shop hours only,no open  practice on Sunday
Sunday Race fee's:
$10 sportsman class(beginners)
$15 for the first class
$8 each additional class-same driver

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Track Pics
NEW!!! 2010 track picture's coming soon!!!!!!
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