Evolution Hobbies and Raceway

                                                  Money Madness Race (MMR) information is posted under "special events tab" ,including payout information.
                                                 The following companies will be sending product for the race Team Associated,DE Racing,Venom,Proline and GensAce battery.More companies
                                                 will be added when confirmed.
                                                Trophy sponsors :Pears ice cream and hoagies in Casco and Stuarts Automotive in Naples.
                                                If you or company would like to sponsor a class ,please contact me.

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                               1036 Meadow Rd. (rt.121)

                          Casco Maine  04015

                                 SHOP HOURS
              Sunday    11-3

                                                                                           Monday  shop&track Closed
                                                                                           Tuesday  shop&track Closed
                                                                                           Wednesday 11-6
                                                                                           Thursday    11-6
                                                                                           Friday        10-6
                                                                                           Saturday    10-5
                                                                                         Hobby shop OPEN all winter !!
                                                                                                  Phone #   207-627-4407                    
                                                                                                                                            shop email    evolutionhobbies@juno.com

                                                 shop website  www.evolutionhobbies.com
                                               visit  www.maine-rc.com

Weekly Sunday racing has started

Track fee's:
$5   practice -during shop hours only,no open  practice on Sunday
Sunday Race fee's:
$10 sportsman class(beginners)
$15 for the first class
$8 each additional class-same driver

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                                                                2017  RACE RESULTS

    We are now using LiveTime scoring,to see race results tap on logo below and you will be directed to Evolution Hobbies and Raceway's  track dashboard on Liverc.




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