Evolution Hobbies and Raceway

                                                  Money Madness Race (MMR) information is posted under "special events tab" ,including payout information.
                                                 The following companies will be sending product for the race Team Associated,DE Racing,Venom,Proline and GensAce battery.More companies
                                                 will be added when confirmed.
                                                Trophy sponsors :Pears ice cream and hoagies in Casco and Stuarts Automotive in Naples.
                                                If you or company would like to sponsor a class ,please contact me.

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                               1036 Meadow Rd. (rt.121)

                          Casco Maine  04015

                                 SHOP HOURS
              Sunday    11-3

                                                                                           Monday  shop&track Closed
                                                                                           Tuesday  shop&track Closed
                                                                                           Wednesday 11-6
                                                                                           Thursday    11-6
                                                                                           Friday        10-6
                                                                                           Saturday    10-5
                                                                                         Hobby shop OPEN all winter !!
                                                                                                  Phone #   207-627-4407                    
                                                                                                                                            shop email    evolutionhobbies@juno.com

                                                 shop website  www.evolutionhobbies.com
                                               visit  www.maine-rc.com

Weekly Sunday racing has started

Track fee's:
$5   practice -during shop hours only,no open  practice on Sunday
Sunday Race fee's:
$10 sportsman class(beginners)
$15 for the first class
$8 each additional class-same driver

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                             This season we will running the 7-7-7  format for all Sunday r

   Racing starts at 10am !! please have your AMB/MYLAPS transponder number written ,and bring it with you to registration.registration closes at 9:30am

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 watch for shop and track updates on the Maine Rc forum and our Facebook page.

This is a list of special event dates for my 2017 race season.(more events may be added  later)
Sunday April 30th--weekly Sunday racing starts--weather permi
                                                                                 Sunday May 21st-Triple Crown Race  #1

                                                                                 Sunday June 11th-Triple Crown Race#2 

Sunday August 6th- Triple Crown race 3         
                                                                                 Saturday September 9th-2017  9th annual Money Madness Race (MMR)
                                                                                 Sunday September 10th-rain date  for MMR if needed  

                                                                                 Sunday October 15th- Halloween Howler and pot luck lunch
  **Weekly Sunday racing continues ,weather permitting and turnout after the Howler race.
                                   We had racing  all the way up to Thanksgiving one year!

                                                                      Have a idea for a special race event or series  ,please let me know !

For the 2017 race season,racer's must own there own MYLAPS/AMB transponder(s).The only exceptions will be Sportsmans class(beginners class) and the racers who only shows up a few times during the season.I still have a track set.But everyone should own there own PT.Eventually track set will no longer be available. 


                                                                                                                          2017 classes
                                                                     Sportsman --beginner class
                                                                   * Traxxas Stampede 2wd brushed Spec class
                                                                      2wd SCT stock  17.5brushless/12t traxxas titan
                                                                      2wd SCT open
                                                                      4wd SCT open
                                                                      1/10 stadium truck open
                                                                      1/10 2wd buggy open
                                                                      1/10 4wd buggy open
                                           1/8 electric buggy open
                                                                                      * new classes added for 2017 season
                                                                                      Must have 4 entries to have or make a class 
                                                                  Nitro(Sunday racing only)
                                                              Must have 4 entries to make a class
                                                                          Monster Truck
                                                                             1/8 buggy
                                                                             1/8 truggy


*Please note that the shop will close fifteen minutes before racing starts and open up for ten minute's   at the end of each round of heats,and 15 minute's before the main's start.Then will reopen as soon as    racing is done.If someone needs anything during the closed time just see me.

All A-main winners(except sportsman class)will receive Speed Cash vouchers,for 1st-3rd place .Speed cash is like a store gift certificate that can used in  the shop for product,can not be used for entry fee(s).
                                                    Special event races ,entry fee will be posted for that event.
        Must have 4 to make a class.May mix classes together if needed.More classes may be added at any time!
Sunday racing will be 7-7-7 format-two seven minute heats and one seven minute main.
                                                          Stock class "blinky" esc not needed.
  This year i will  have the drivers come off the driver stand after there race and put there truck/buggy on the table
   near the back door.Then those driver can go right out to corner marshal ,NOT back to there pit area.The only
   exception to this is if you run in the next race.
                                     Racer's who bought  Race Cards last year ,they are still good this year.

If you plan on being a regular racer ,it is highly suggested you buy your own Amb/Mylaps personnel transponder. A track set of transponders will still be available for new racers.



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